Township Parks & Open Spaces

We are proud of the fact that we have beautiful recreational areas for our residents to enjoy. Currently, the Township has two community parks, one nature preserve and three open spaces. All Township parks, the preserve & open spaces are open daily from dawn to dusk. All users of the Township’s parks & open spaces must follow the Park Rules & Regulations. The Pennsylvania State Police routinely patrol Township properties. Please report any suspicious activity to the Township Office at (610) 845-7760 or the Pennsylvania State Police, Reading Office, at (610) 378-4011.

Below is are the names and locations of Washington Township Parks, Preserve and Open Space areas:

Barto Community Park

(18 acres)

The Barto Community Park is located at 122 Barto Road. The park contains a baseball field, basketball court, a pavilion available for rentals, a tot-lot playground, passive open space, and a paved walking trail. The Christian Hellriegel Memorial Field is also located at the Barto Community Park.  Click here to view a Park Map.

washington township park

(37 acres)

The Washington Township Park is located at 104 Victoria Drive. The park also spans across Niantic Road, so please be careful crossing the road.  The park has a pavilion available for rentals, a playground, passive open space, and soccer fields. The J.K. Memorial Field is also located at the Washington Township Park. Click here to view a Park Map.

Naigle nature preserve & woodlands

(38 acres)

ATTENTION – The boundary of this open space is not currently marked. Please do not trespass on adjacent residential or commercial properties. Access to this open space is only available off of Gehringer Road between Route 100 and Docwill Drive and at 82 Audrey Drive. There is a small parking lot along Gehringer Road (North Side) and very limited street parking on Audrey Drive. There is currently no access to this open space off of Hoffmansville Road. This plot of open space is available for passive recreation. Click here to view a Preserve Map.

Forgedale Road Open Space

(0.5 acres)

This open space is located at 749 Forgedale Road. This plot of open space provides a scenic spot along the West Branch Perkiomen Creek. There is currently no parking available at this open space.

cubbler court open space

(1.5 acres)

This open space is located at 28 Cubbler Court. This plot of open space is available for passive recreation. There is very limited street parking on Cubbler Court.

westfield drive open space

(0.5 acres)

This open space is located at the intersection of Lenape Road and Westfield Drive. This plot of open space is available for passive recreation. There is currently no parking available at this open space. 

Park Rules & Regulations

Park Hours: Dawn to Dusk
Fire Regulations

No fire shall be permitted at any township park, except in an area designated and approved by the Township Fire Marshall.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are prohibited within any township park area:

Picnic Pavilion Rentals

Consider having your family reunion or birthday party at our large picnic pavilion, 30′ x 70′ at the Barto Community Park and the Washington Township Park! Each pavilion has running water and electricity, nine (9) 6′ picnic tables and two (2) 8′ handicapped tables. There are port-o-potty nearby and walking paths to go to both the pavilion and port-o-potty. Both parks have new tot lots for the little ones to enjoy! Barto Community Park has a baseball & football fields and a basketball courts. Washington Township Park has soccer fields.

Rental Fees are as follows:

It is best to phone the Township Office FIRST if you are interested in a particular date to rent the pavilion to be sure that the pavilion is free for your special event. That way you can reserve the date, fill out the Application along with your check to reserve the pavilion and return to the Township Office.

A rental application is available at the following link:

Sandra S. Moser Community Room Rentals

The Sandra S Moser Community Room can be used for activities such as parties, showers, meetings, dinners and other approved gatherings and can accommodate 60 to 70 people comfortably. The room is equipped with a kitchen sink, refrigerator, microwave oven, standard stove, air conditioning and lots of counter space.

Room Rental Guidelines


Individuals and groups using the Community Room facilities are held responsible for their conduct and for any damage incurred to the room; building, furnishings or equipment while it is in their care and control.

Washington Township in no way assumes financial responsibility for damage or loss of personal property or injuries of any kind.

All organizations using the facility shall enclose a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance with this application.

Care of Facility

Conduct while using the room

At termination of the period of use

Rental fees are as follows



Washington Township and the Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee offer multiple newsletters throughout the year. Please click the below link to view the available newsletters.

Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee Events

Parks & Recreation 2

Recreation Advisory Committee

Membership of Recreation Advisory Committee and duties/responsibilities

The Recreation Committee is an advisory body to the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission in matters regarding development of all recreational areas within the Township. The Recreational Advisory Committee reviews all applications for subdivision and land development and gives their recommendations to the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors regarding open space issues and recreational areas.

The goal of this committee is to preserve as much open space as possible, in order to provide appealing parks and recreational areas for the residents of the community. The Recreational Advisory Committee is a six-member committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors. Members of this committee serve staggered three (3) year terms. There are currently two vacancies on this committee. The Recreation Advisory Committee email address is: parks (at) 


Susan J. Brown, Treasurer (Non-Member)

Comprehensive Recreation, Parks, & Open Spaces Plan

In the early Spring of 2024, the Recreation Advisory Committee finalized the Comprehensive Recreation,  Parks, & Open Spaces Plan. A copy of Plan is available for review or download by using the below link or in person at the Township Office. Moving forward, the Township is currently pursuing funding opportunities to facilitate the development of a Park Master Plan for the Barto Community Park. We anticipate that the Master Plan will include the modernization of the current park facilities and the addition of more recreational opportunities, including shade trees, gathering areas, pickle ball courts and walking & biking trails. The Recreation Advisory Committee and the Board of Supervisors would like to thank the residents for their participation in the Summer 2023 online recreational survey. Your input was instrumental in the development of the Comprehensive Plan and will help guide the Township during the preparation of the Barto Community Park’s Master Plan and beyond. In other news, the Township has established a new nature preserve. The Naigle Nature Preserve & Woodlands is comprised of multiple open spaces and until a master plan can be developed for the preserve, is available to residents for passive recreation

This Plan is dedicated to moving Washington Township into its future role for parks and recreation. Washington Township’s commitment to implementing this Plan will ensure that its parks and recreation system is essential to quality of life and plays a vital role in supporting the health and well-being of residents and visitors.

Great parks and recreation systems don’t just happen. They require a guiding vision and a sustained set of strategies for bringing that vision to reality. This Comprehensive Recreation, Park, and Open Space Plan outlines Washington Township’s vision for the future of its parks, natural areas, trails, and recreation programming, and shares strategies for how to achieve this vision.

The Washington Township mission statement, vision statement, and core goals for parks and recreation have been prepared to guide development, operation, and programming of the Township parks and recreation system over the next 10 years. The mission statement defines the Township’s purpose for its parks and recreation system, while the vision statement presents the Township’s desire for its future. The core goals are guiding principles that directly support the mission and vision and define and prioritize the work required to implement this Plan.

Mission Statement – We focus on preserving our natural resources and providing parks, trails, and recreation activities for residents to enjoy the outdoors, connect with others, make memories, and improve health.

Vision Statement – Our safe and accessible parks and recreation system inspires all residents to be active outdoors and involved in the community.

Core Goals – The Plan sets out five core goals to support the Township’s mission and vision for parks and recreation.

Core Goal 1 – Renewal, Investment, and Stewardship – We will address the maintenance and improvement needs of parks, trails, and recreation facilities to protect the environment and keep amenities in top shape for safe and enjoyable use.

Core Goal 2 – Recreation for All – We will ensure the right of all people to play, learn, and explore outdoors by removing barriers to participation and fostering an inclusive culture.

Core Goal 3 – Health and Wellness – We will promote outdoor physical and social activity by providing safe and welcoming recreation places, spaces, and programs.

Core Goal 4 – Relationship and Capacity Building – We will collaborate with neighboring municipalities, partners, and residents to provide exceptional parks and recreation opportunities for our community.

Core Goal 5 – Awareness – We will do everything possible to make our parks, natural areas, and trails beter used tomorrow than they are today.