Information about the Boyertown Area School District

Washington Township lies within the Boyertown Area School District. The Boyertown Area School District is situated on the northwestern edge of the greater Philadelphia suburban sprawl in southeastern Pennsylvania, about 45 miles northwest of Philadelphia. It is just 20 miles south of Allentown and 20 miles east of Reading. The district encompasses Colebrookdale Township, Douglass Township (Berks), Earl Township, Washington Township and the Boroughs of Bally, Bechtelsville and Boyertown in Berks County PLUS the townships of Douglass Township (Montgomery), New Hanover Township and Upper Frederick Township in Montgomery County.

The population in the district is over 38,000 with abundant room for growth. The population will increase steadily for the immediate future.

Information about the school district, including information about each school, school schedules and calendars, school district policies, school board meeting agendas and minutes, and the school district Report Card can be found at the school district website,


Useful Information About the Red Barn Recycling Center, located at 126 Barto Road

Please see the Website Calendar for Recycling Dates! Please NOTE the Hours of Operation have changed!

Hours of operation are on the First Saturday of the month from 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM and on the Third Wednesday of the month from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. There is NO Recycling on Wednesday nights during the months of November, December, January and February. The Red Barn Recycling Center operates on a Volunteer basis and the Township welcomes all those interested in volunteering! Volunteer Applications may be found here on the Township website under the Township Government tab and can also be picked up at the Township office. The Red Barn Recycling Center operation dates and times are always subject to change! Thank You!

Berks County provides residents year round recycling at their Leesport Recycling Center for electronics, tires and sorted recyclables. They also have special events every year for Household Hazardous Waste and Paper Shredding. Pharmaceutical Collection is also available at locations throughout the County. Please check out the dates, times and services provided by Berks County here:

Trash Collector

The collection of trash is privatized.

Residents can choose any trash collector that services our area. Use your preferred method to search for local providers.

Public Works

Information and summary of activities undertaken by the Public Works Department

The offices of the Washington Township Public Works Department are located at 128 Barto Road, adjacent to the municipal building, Barto, Pa. Public Works operations, including requests for service, may be contacted at telephone number (610) 845-2753 and fax number (610) 845-8499.

Contact Information

Public Works Crew

Annual Operating Budget

The annual operating budget for the Public Works Department is approximately $567,532.00. Funding for Department activities is obtained from the Township’s General Fund in the amount of $392,032.00 and from the Pennsylvania Liquid Fuels Tax Act of 1956 in the amount of $175,500.00. Liquid Fuels Funds are distributed to municipalities by the Commonwealth according to a formula based upon population and miles of municipal roads.


To provide for the maintenance and construction of public facilities, the development of municipal properties, and related services, Washington Township possesses a full service Public Works Department. This department has as its main responsibility the maintenance of over 32 miles of Township roadway and 14 miles of State roadway.

The following list summarizes the major activities undertaken by the Public Works Department.

The Public Works Department undertakes winter maintenance operations on approximately 46 miles of local and state roadways. Winter maintenance includes the plowing of snow and ice, and the application of anti-skid and anti-icing materials. The Township contracts with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to perform winter maintenance activities on the following state roads:

Participation in the State winter maintenance program allows Washington Township to provide improved response time and a higher level of service to the motoring public during the inclement winter months.

Snow Emergency Regulations

Snow emergency regulations will prevail on the following roads:
During times of snow emergencies, only vehicles with snow tires or chains are allowed on the above roads with “No Parking” enforced. This will assist the Public Works Dept. personnel to keep these main arteries open.

Winter Maintenance

When winter maintenance is necessary, main routes and state roads are addressed first, residential streets second, and cul-de-sacs third. The application of anti-skid and anti-icing materials throughout the Township takes approximately four (4) hours, depending upon weather conditions. However, snow plowing, over nearly 46 miles of public streets, can easily double the amount of time required for maintenance operations.

The equipment used for winter maintenance includes a large assortment of trucks equipped with snow plows and materials spreaders, pretreatment deicing sprayers, a road grader, and front-end loaders. Recently, the Township completed the addition of a new Salt Shed which is capable of housing approximately 500 tons of roadway salt. The new Salt Shed is located at 120 Barto Road and is now a part of the Public Works Complex.

Additional Information

Currently, the Township is in the process of inventorying all of its traffic control and warning signs that are maintained by the Public Works Department. The Public Works Department is responsible for sign installation and routine maintenance of signs damaged in motor vehicle accidents, vandalized by thoughtless individuals, or faded through over-exposure to the sun and weather.

Washington Township is also responsible for the grass mowing and maintenance of its parks, which include approximately thirty (30) acres of land, the quarterly inspection of all playground equipment to ensure safety for all children using facilities, etc.

In addition to the above activities, the Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and refueling of all Township equipment.

Our community requires efficient public facilities and effective public services for both overall quality of life and for the protection of public safety and welfare. The Washington Township Public Works Department works hard to maintain and manage our municipal infrastructure, proving for the needs of our citizens and for future development of our community.

Township Rights-Of-Way

Many years ago, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania enacted a law providing for a minimum width of 33 feet of Township rights-of-way. Most of our roads are 18 to 20 feet in width, allowing 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 feet on each side for the drainage system and signs. Within this area, and limited to this area only, the Township is to provide a public roadway, a stormwater drainage system and road signs.

The Township maintains a storm sewer system that includes hundreds of inlets and outlets, pipes and easements. According to the Second Class Township Code, the Township has the power to open drains and ditches “when necessary to carry the water from the roads.” Once the water crosses the road and leaves the roadside swale or ditch, it is no longer the responsibility of the Township.

Any person who damages or diverts any drain or ditch without the authority of the Township commits a summary offense and is liable for the cost of restoring the drain or ditch. Likewise, anyone who obstructs any public road or commits any nuisance by falling trees, erecting fences or berms, filling in a ditch, turning the road, extending their driveways into the road, and who does not, on notice from the Township immediately take corrective action is committing a summary offense.

No Dumping Please: When It Rains It Drains

Storm Drain Markers have been applied to every storm sewer inlet in your neighborhood, thanks to the help of the Environmental Advisory Council members. The storm drain markers carry the message ” Rain Only , Drains to Creek ” to help raise awareness that stormwater drains serve to carry rain water off streets, parking lots, construction sites, neighborhoods and agricultural lands to its final destination in our creeks, rivers, bays, lakes and oceans.

The dumping of trash, motor oil, grass clippings, grease, pesticide, antifreeze or other such contaminates not only causes pollution to our creeks and rivers, but can also result in clogged storm water lines that lead to street flooding.


Reading State Police, Eastern Berks Fire Department, Township, Water

Phone Service

Telephone service is provided by Windstream

To set up a new account or for any questions you may have, call 1-833-362-3738.

Cable Service

Cable Television Service is provided by Comcast.

Cable Television Service is provided by Comcast. To set up a new account or for customer service call 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278).

The Comcast web site is

Postal Service

Post office location, hours, web site. The Barto Post Office is located in Washington Township, adjacent to the Eastern Berks Fire Department headquarters, Old Route 100, Barto, PA.

Contact Information

Local Library

Boyertown Community Library hours and address

Boyertown Community Library 24 N. Reading Avenue Boyertown, Pa. 19512

Contact Information

Dog Licensing

If you have a dog or are considering acquiring a dog, or encounter a stray, you need to be aware of the following information.

Local Dog Agent

Erb and Henry, Equip., Inc. 22-26 Henry Avenue New Berlinville, PA 19545

In Berks County, you also can obtain a dog license by contacting:

A. Dennis Adams, CPA , Berks County Treasurer

633 Court Street, 2nd Floor Services Center, Reading, PA 19601


For additional information, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture /Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement Office at 717-787-3062 or contact at

You may contact Berks County State Dog Warden, Lisa Cronk at 610-909-1173.

This is the person you call if you are having trouble with an unleashed dog that is deer chasing, roaming around the neighborhood unleashed, etc.

Dog Licensing fees are as follows:

Regular Fee:
Senior Citizen (65 years of age or older) or persons with proof of disability:
You can go in person to Erb and Henry, the local Agent to issue you a dog license, or go to the Berks County Treasurer’s office. Please be honest when applying for your dog license, as the penalties for making a false statement are se

Animal Rescue League

The Animal Rescue League offers the following services to Washington Twp. residents:

In dog bite cases, strays will be held for ten (10) days. In cases of owned dogs, the Animal Rescue League will hold them for ten (10) days at the owner’s expense.

Please remember – all dogs must be licensed from three (3) months of age. Dog Licenses run for the calendar year or January 1st of each year. In other words, if you acquire a dog in June, you must get a license at that time (for a six-month period) but when January 1st of the next year rolls around, you must then purchase a new license. Dog licenses go from January 1st of each new year. No exceptions!

Remember – dogs are personal property. The best way to control your dog is with a leash. You are responsible for ANY damage caused by your dog. The responsibility of owning a dog extends not only to proper care and training of your dog, but also to your dog’s behavior.

Phone: 610-373-8830

Place of Worship

Directory of churches within Washington Twp. and surrounding areas.

Morning Star Fellowship

Address: 100 Limekiln Road Bechtelsville, PA 19505
Phone: 610-369-1960

Christ Lutheran Church

Address: 222 Niantic Road Barto, PA 19504
Phone: 610-845-2583

Shepherd of the Hills Church

Address: 527 Hoffmansville Road Bechtelsville, PA 19505
Phone: 610-754-6446

Hereford Mennonite Church

Address: 2600 Old Route 100 Bally, PA 19503
Phone: 610-845-2429

Calvary United Church of Christ

Address: 1231 Route 100 Barto, PA 19504
Phone: 610-845-2570

Bethany Evangelical Congregational Church

Address: 14 Church Hill Road Barto, PA 19504
Phone: 610-845-2965

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Address: 1749 S. Main Street Bechtelsville, PA 19505
Phone: 610-369-1281

Bally Mennonite Church

Address: 51481 Route 100 Bally, PA 19503
Phone: 610-845-7760

Most Blessed Sacrament Church

Address: 610 Pine Street Bally, PA 19503
Phone: 610-845-2460

Our Lady of Grace Chapel and Padre Pio

Address: Spirituality Centre 111 Barto Road Barto, PA 19504
Phone: 610-845-3000


Customer Service information for Met-Ed/GPU

Met-Ed/GPU – Customer Service # 1-800-545-7741

Water & Sewer


Residents in Meadowbrook Development that are serviced for water by Aqua America PA.: Please contact at (610) 792-2112 or 877-987-2782.

Residents in Reserve at Bally Spring and Spring Valley Village that are serviced for water by Suburban Water Company: Please contact at (610) 367-6464.

Residents in Victoria Village that are serviced for water by Bally Borough: Please contact at (610) 845-2351.

Sewer Billing

Any person who fails to receive a bill for quarterly water/sewer rentals and charges shall not be excused for non-payment, and shall not be granted an extension of the period of time during which such bill is payable without penalty because of non-receipt of the bill.


Sewer bills are due on the following dates:

Payments can be mailed to Washington Township, 120 Barto Road, Barto, PA 19504 or hand delivered to the municipal building between the normal business hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. For your convenience, there is a black lock box located outside of the municipal building to drop payments if you are unable to pay during normal business hours.

Washington Township Sewer Services

Washington Township On Lot Sewer Management Program

Washington Township Registered Septic Haulers

Online Payment Options

Eastern Berks Fire Department

On January 1st, 2012, the Goodwill Fire Company of Bally, the Keystone Fire Company of Bechtelsville, and the Vol. Barto Fire Company have joined together to form the Eastern Berks Fire Department. This new department will serve all of Washington Township, Bechtelsville Borough, and Bally Borough, as well as portions of Pike Township, District Township, and Douglass Township/Montgomery County.

Stormwater Information

In effort to reduce stormwater pollution, and improve local water quality, Washington Township must develop, implement, and enforce a Stormwater Management Program (SWMP). This task is required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, issued through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) & the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). The NPDES permit regulates stormwater discharges from the Township’s municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4): a series of inlets, pipes, swales, outfalls, and other drainage facilities that collect, convey, and discharge stormwater directly into our streams.

As part of the NPDES permit requirements, Washington Township must implement best management practices (BMPs) in the six categories listed below and commonly referred to as minimum control measures (MCMs).

MCM 1: Public Education & Outreach

MCM 2: Public Participation & Involvement

MCM 3: Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

The United States Environmental Protection Agency defines an illicit discharge as, “any discharge into a storm drain system that is not composed entirely of stormwater.” This means that anything other than simply the water that falls from the sky is an illicit discharge. There are many hazardous household products, yardcare products, fertilizers, dog waste, car soaps and automotive fluids that turn what should only be stormwater into an illicit discharge that pollutes and degrades local water quality. Please be cautious about what washes off of your property and notify the township if you detect any illicit discharge in your area. They are illegal and can degrade our water resources. Please use the following form to report illicit discharges by emailing it to or mailing it to Washington Township Manager, 120 Barto Road, Barto, PA 19504.

Illicit Discharge Complaint Form

MCM 4: Construction Site Runoff Control

MCM 5: Post Construction Stormwater Management

MCM 6: Pollution Prevention & Good Housekeeping

The Washington Township Board of Supervisors adopted a revised Stormwater Mangement Ordinance 6-28-2007 by Ord. No. 2007-02 – Click here to view the ordinance

The following agency links provide additional stormwater information: